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 Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People

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PostSubject: Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People   Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 1:30 pm

Ok guys as u know i already said i got multiple complaints about the stuff being talked about late at night when none of the Leaders are around. I understand u guys wanna have fun. Just don't go overboard and get to excited with the talks. such talks would be allowed but some stuff are to be keept in private (Edited). And also to the ppl complaining, im not responsible for everything happening in the alliance , just tell the to STOP next time. Just ask them to please stop that kind of talk and it will stop , its not that hard is it? I dont wanna see ppl leave cuz of such things please, we are trying to be a alliance full of fun not full of complaints.

(Added by edg): To the people who's gonna stop them. do it in the right manner and don't tell them to go down right the drain to stop completely. In my honest opinion every topic can be use in alliance chat. Since everyone of us has the right to speak whatever that is that we have in mind. People wouldn't always adjust for your sake.

It's alright to be sensitive in a manner. But don't be over sensitive because it is quite annoying.


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PostSubject: Re: Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People   Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 12:06 pm

Another thing to add on for the people who are complaining much:

Try to meet in the middle. Its not everytime that people will adjust for you, try to be more open and comfortable on some stuff that are not usually discussed. STOP Being so over-sensitive.

I've seen the late night chat and to be quite Direct and Honest. nothing is wrong because they know when and where to stop. They know what their limits are. Its just the People being so Over-Sensitive. We know something aren't suitable conversation. But it's all in good fun. None are to be taken seriously.

Last note BE OPEN =)

People this game is not a game to show picture of you naked or being in a perverted wear.
It's a game for the love of god not a Porn site to show your underwear picture Smile

IF YOU WANT TO DO IT THEN DO IT PRIVATELY and not make a broadcast of it.

Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People Forumsig2o

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Perverted Talk/Over Sensitive People
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