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 Tier 4 Guide (Ardens)

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PostSubject: Tier 4 Guide (Ardens)   Tier 4 Guide (Ardens) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 7:49 am

The Arden(Athan) Guide taken from the Jade Dynasty forum.

Also here: http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=205521&highlight=Tier+guide

This guide is neither 100% accurate nor complete, but at least it'll help most of the players.

Remember, the prerequisite is to help you save money and time...

Arden is a new faction, this thread can definitly be used for every "bird", old bird, new bird...... hahahaha (don't ask me why bird... this is how it was written)

Enough pet talks... let's begin

Question 1: 2: I want to stay with my lover, kill 300 mobs (I will give u to choice to skip this part below)
Question 2: 3: Life and death is connected, kill a mini boss (there's also a choice to die to pass this part of the quest)
Question 3: 4: the last choice, hand in 1 blue and white stone
Question 4: bilu: 9 flowers
Question 5: any: need to kill a boss anyways...

Alright, about choice 1 and 2:
Question 1: 5: I want to be the best in the world, no need to kill mobs, just run to talk to a npc
Question 2: 1: Life is decided by heaven, no need to kill boss, but need to die once (there're ways to die without losing exp: pvp, bg, yasho event...)

However there's a problem with these choices, if u chose answer 4 for question 3, then u'll need to hand in 6 stones each... Now these stones are quite expensive, 20g each, twelve will cost u 240g.

Chose whichever way u prefer. (that's what the guide says, but if u're lucky, u might just end up not killing 300mobs, 1 stone each, and 9 flowers <3; vice versa if u're supa unlucky lol)

Question 4: Bilu: 9 flowers

Question 1: 1: kill 300 mobs (couldn't find a choice to skip killing mobs, same as above, if you don't have that much gold to burn on stones, I recommend you to kill these 300 mobs) (my own thought: i've done some research on t4 quest before, and choice 5, I want to be the best in the world, has the highest chance for female chrs to skip this part. I've done it on my skysong, but didn't work on female arden)
Question 2: 3: Life and death is connected, need to die (mine killed the boss Razz)
Question 3: 3: 1 blue and white stone
Question 4: bilu: 9 flowers
Question 5: any: If u're doing the quest with other ardens, then party up and select the same choice. The kill will count for all party members, no male or female distinction...

Personal advice, most people are not rich. Follow my guide if u want to save gold on stones.

As an extra, here's question 4's answer for balo: chose anan... 9 flowers, bilu 99 flowers. This is for male balo, technically, it should be the same for female balo, but this was not tested. (my own experience: my bf's male balo chose anan, and had to collect 99 flowers, but that might just be luck >.<)

Remember: every single selection for every question affects ur subsequent answer and quest result. If u don't follow my guide and make up ur own set of answers, don't come back and blame me for bad results...
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Tier 4 Guide (Ardens)
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