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 The Expansion Quests

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PostSubject: The Expansion Quests   Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:33 pm

New Class daily quest:

Kill 15 black bamboo in jadeon - 15 taichi pills.

When population reaches the max (each person in class gives it 10 population) you can hit the get prize for 100 more pills.

Hit "N" to get the daily and see the class and population.

Fair Quests (Enter at 179,179 sunstream Realm 15, get 3 free tickets a day, each require one fair ticket, can buy for 100g at fair):

NPC: Logan
Quest: Celestial Mount
Details: You get a charm that you must equip. When you equip, you learn a new skill called 'Celestial Restraint'. You must then capture a mount flying in the air above you. Easiest way I found to do this was to go to the eastern edge, switch to first person and look straight up. Just keep casting till you get a quest complete and catch one.

NPC: Mr. Millionaire
Quest: Golden Touch
Details: Receive a charm to equip to get a skill called N/A blah blah in chinese. You must click the stones on the ground with this skill. (I find going back to where you enter in the north has less people) Summon your pet as well. You will get one of 3 things 1. a cat (your pet will kill) 2. a stone golem (run from this, he'll turn you to stone for 10 sec) 3. gold lump (loot this asap, others will try to take). You should get right up on the stone when you use skill so you can loot the lump if it pops. That's also why its good to go to a spot w/ less people. Get 3 gold lumps and turn in.

NPC: Baby Tiger
Quest: Getting Home
Details: You must jump across platforms to first reach the lost bag. Then take that one that goes up and down to reach the trapped little tiger. The trick is to wait after the platforms stop because they will move closer once. Then jump after they move that one step closer.

NPC: Beast Master
Quest: Raise Sacred Beast
Details: Get a pet. Do NOT use a summon for this quest. Depending on if you get a panda or tiger, you'll be asked to kill different mobs. You will do 1 dmg, your pet will do 100-300. You just need to force your pet to atk by atking the mob. Pretty straightforward.

Group Fair Quests:

NPC: King of Gambling-Yu
Quest: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Details: (requires 3+ people to complete in time frame, more is better). You turn into a mob w/ 3 skills. Watch what npc says and use the opposite skill. rock takes scissors, scissors takes paper, paper takes rock. Also you can look at their buff: Stun = Rock, Paralyze = scissors, Weaken = paper. B/c they have high hp it takes a while so you need more people.

NPC: Abigail
Quest: Retrieve the gold
Details: Kill 80 rats using skill. You can capture 4 b4 they despawn. Thats why you need at least 2-3 and more is faster.
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PostSubject: Re: The Expansion Quests   Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:44 pm

Faction Disciples

Everyday at 19:00(7pm) server time specific Faction Disciples will appear on random realms.

Find out what realm your specific Faction is on and go to them(Near Tanis Ka in Sunstream).

They will give you a quest and you are teleported to Kunlun Wonderland where you must kill a Vile Spirit(Best to make a party).

Upon doing this simply run off the edge and you go back to Sunstream(Realm hop if no Vile Spirits appear anymore on that realm).

This quest can be done 3 times in total per day, the rewards are 100 Affinity Beads or 100 Taichi and 100,000 Honor for your Faction.

Its as simple as that!
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The Expansion Quests
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