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 Mandatory/Chapter Quest Guide

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PostSubject: Mandatory/Chapter Quest Guide   Mandatory/Chapter Quest Guide Icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 10:00 am

TAKEN FROM: Chapter Guides

After sitting here trying to filter through this forums fail search feature trying to get all the Mandatory Chapter quest guides, I've decided to create this topic with all the links to said guides within it. Make it easier on all the new players, and old, who wish to find a guide, quick and easy, to where to gain these quest, how to do them, etc, without having to deal with a broken search.

All credits, obviously, go to the originally creators of these topics. I had no hand in making them, I'm just placing them all in one place.

DISCLAIMER!!!! Read before reading the guides!!!

To start the Chapter chain, you MUST start the quest given by Nura called Destined Nirvana! This quest can be done before you hit Lv105, but you still won't be able to do Episode 1 until you're Lv105.

Chapter 1 ~ 4 Guide. Written by Saikusus.


Chapter 5 Guide, Written by TokioGirl


Chapter 5 Guide (more detailed), Written by Ecthleon


Chapter 6 Guide, Written by obah


Chapter 7 Guide, Written by LiuYiFei


Chapter 8 Guide, Written by QuiYu


Chapter 9 Guide, Written by Joune


Disclaimer, apparently the quests may be slightly different per server, and not all servers will have all the chapters. I don't know which servers do have every chapter, nor do I know which server is different from what the guide outlines. I only composed this thread, as stated, to put all the known guides in one location so it is easier to access them without having to filter through the search feature.

Chapter 8 guide added.

Mandatory/Chapter Quest Guide Forumsig2o

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Mandatory/Chapter Quest Guide
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