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 Tier 5 Guide

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PostSubject: Tier 5 Guide   Tier 5 Guide Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 9:02 am

NOTE: You MUST get this done before midnight, or else it will screw up and reset.

Quest 1, Speed quest:
You get 10min to talk to 6 people total, 3 in kunlun, 3 in Shura. Suffice it to say, you need portal charms for this. Here are the npcs:

Brishen 141, -430
Mufi 278, 164
General Camlo 104, 404

Lord Lushan 419, -198
Wraither -12, 21
Kowilo -10, -179

Quest 2, Tranquility:

You need 49 drops from black bamboo in Jadeon. Bonus damage necks or modo flesh burn make this go so much faster. If you need to borrow mine let me know. It took Icee and me half an hr to do it, but both our kills were counting for each other.

Quest 3, Levitating Traveler:

You need to kill a boss in 15 min. You will need a group or at least 1 extra person for this. You will need to take the boss down to about 10% or so then grab quest. This is easier than trying to kill him in 15min.

Quest 4, Stay alive:

This quest you need to stay alive for 10min in a room with a boss. This guy sucks hardcore. You will need to get a pet that you don't mind killing over and over again. Free lunch pet works, it can be level 1. Unequip Pet battery. You can either manual pot or set esper to .1 sec. (not 1, .1). When you zone in you run towards the corner and send pet on boss. You will need to pot alot. Pet will die and boss will reset. During this time you need to get pet back out and atk boss before he aggros you. Rinse and Repeat for 10min. Note: You can't summon pet if you are all the way in the corner. There is a little border around the outside of the room. You need to be standing within that border to summon a pet.

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Tier 5 Guide
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